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Kerri-Anne - 16 yrs old - always try thinking of the positives more than the negatives. If you are having a rough time, message me 💕much love babes xx


the fact that i have to have my whole life planned in the next year is so stressful like i cant even tell you what i want for christmas let alone what college i want to go to!

what i actually said: i forgot
what my parents heard: i hate you and i am determined to fail at life, go to prison, and bring dishonor to this family. i care about nothing except my computer and tv shows and you can just go burn in hell for all i care. also i'm pregnant.


Everyday I’m like “today imma get my shit together” and by the end of the day I’m like “tomorrow is the day for real”



plot twist: the person you like actually texts you back

plot twist: the person you like texts you first


truth or dare more like preform a strange sexual act or tell me who you like